Complete Payment Suite for Affiliates.

PayQuicker, LLC ( is a unique, Internet-based global-payment gateway. PayQuicker’s exclusive, online-portal solution simplifies and streamlines the payment process, while significantly reducing transaction costs and assuring quicker payments.  PayQuicker’s revolutionary, Internet-based global-payment gateway bridges the gap that existed in the payment industry by offering a unique “single source, any method, low or no fee“ approach.

PayQuicker offers a simple, unique batch-payment system whereby all payment types including their exclusive, free, global Member-to-Member payments, ACH (Domestic Direct Deposit), EFT/Wire (International Direct Deposit) and global paper checks. In addition, PayQuicker Members have access to a Debit Card, conveniently linked to their account, for purchases or withdrawals at thousands of ATM’s!

Why Choose PayQuicker:

  • Immediate payment: Receive payments in minutes anywhere in the world.
  • No credit required.
  • Convenient: No bank account required, no heavy bank fees or hassles.
  • Multiple payout options: ACH, Wire, Paper Check, Prepaid Debit Card & Member-to-Member transfer.
  • Free member-to-member transfers.
  • Easy to order. Easy to manage: Access your account online at anytime.

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